Maximum toxicity

A visual trip to the most toxic areas


  •  Doomsday Clock Wide

    Doomsday Clock Wide

  •  No Swimming Allowed

    No Swimming Allowed

  •  Major Side Effects

    Major Side Effects

  •  The Scream

    The Scream

  •  Silence Grows

    Silence Grows

  •  Below Sea Level

    Below Sea Level

  •  Elastic Reality

    Elastic Reality

  •  Critical Mass

    Critical Mass

  •  50 Watt Sun

    50 Watt Sun

  •  Year 2097

    Year 2097

  •  400 mSvh

    400 mSvh

  •  Lethal Observatory

    Lethal Observatory

  •  Extrasystolic Arrhythmia

    Extrasystolic Arrhythmia

  •  As Dust Dress The Sky

    As Dust Dress The Sky

  •  The Invasion

    The Invasion

  •  Onkalo


  •  Lethal Legacy

    Lethal Legacy

  •  Radioactive Waste

    Radioactive Waste

  •  March 11th 2011

    March 11th 2011

  •  The Green house

    The Green house

  •  The Fear Alexei

    The Fear Alexei

  •  Bromal


  •  Invisible Death

    Invisible Death

  •  The Cage

    The Cage

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